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We are a multi-family office based in Singapore dedicated to meeting your present needs in wealth and beyond, while aligning with your vision for the future. Our goal is to help you with setting up and simplifying private wealth management by offering customised family office services built on the tenets of integrity, trust and continuity that deliver long-term value to you and your legacy.

How many generations does wealth last?

70% of wealth transfers fail by the 2nd generation
90% of wealth transfers fail by the 3rd generation

As we face a new generation of individuals preparing to take over as stewards in family business and wealth, wealth preservation plays an increasingly important role in navigating success for generational wealth transfers. Are you looking to future-proof your legacy for generations to come? Find out how you can evolve with industry demands while addressing your specific needs by setting up your own family office.

Family Office 2.0


The growing sophistication of wealthy families and a shift towards wealth preservation have given rise to an increase in family offices being set up around the world, but the family offices of tomorrow will need to continually adapt to the rapidly evolving global wealth landscape. Particularly in Asia, as the number of ultra-high-net-worth families proliferates, so too will the family offices designed to serve them.

This publication delves deeper into how the family office of tomorrow addresses the key challenges faced by wealthy families in Asia.

Explore a new era of wealth with your very own family office

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