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22 Mar 2023
Fresh Scrutiny on CoCo Bonds: Wealthy Families Advised to Tread Carefully

Vishal Nanwani, Senior Portfolio Manager of mutl-family office Golden Equator Wealth (GEW), recently spoke to The Business Times on banks’ AT1 bonds also known as Contingent Convertibles (CoCos), on the back of the Credit Suisse takeover.

Press Release

07 Mar 2023
Multi Family Office Golden Equator Wealth Expands Team with Two Senior Hires from Credit Suisse

Singapore-based multi-family office Golden Equator Wealth (GEW) today announced two senior hires as it expands its market coverage and team of Family Office Advisors. Rai Rummaan Kharal joined as a Managing Partner of Wealth and Capital and Haroon Tufail joined as an Executive Director.


24 Nov 2022
Preserving Wealth and Legacy Across Generations: Top 5 Reasons Why Families Employ Family Offices

Many have heard of the old proverb “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” In Japan, the expression goes, “Rice paddies to rice paddies in three generations.” In China, “Wealth does not last beyond three generations.” These depict the challenges wealthy families face in sustaining and passing on their wealth.


22 Sep 2022
Japan Intervines to Prop Up the Yen

Japan intervened in the foreign exchange market for the first time since 1998 to shore up the battered yen, in the wake of the central bank's decision to maintain ultra-low interest rates that have hammered the currency. Joe Lin, Director of Investments at multi-family office Golden Equator Wealth (GEW)  shared his thoughts on this intervention, and how he believes it would fail to overpower the discrepancy in monetary policy between the U.S. and Japan.


01 Aug 2022
Beating Inflation’s Wealth-Decaying Influence

For the first time in 40 years, inflation levels have reached an all-time high and investors are now searching to figure out how to protect their financial assets. Senior Portfolio Manager Vishal Nanwani at multi-family office Golden Equator Wealth (GEW) shared his thoughts with The Asset on the matter. He shares that as a multi family office, the wealth management institution is focused on long-term investment and wealth preservation for its clients. Hence, they are comfortable with higher cash holdings while waiting for better entry points to deploy capital.


09 Jun 2022
The Drive to Differentiate through Client-Centricity and by Engaging with Next-Gens and the Community

The Hubbis Independent Wealth Management event of May 11 in Singapore featured a panel discussion that focused attention on how EAMs can strive to differentiate themselves through the curation of new and interesting investment and product ideas, and through more comprehensive engagement with clients and their family members. Gary Tiernan, CEO of Capital at Golden Equator Wealth (GEW), sat as one of our expert panellists. Hubbis summarises some of his views in this short report.