All Wealth Is Personal

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Vast wealth often brings added complexities and responsibility which is personal and challenging to address. The concept of a family office is not new and has taken various forms for centuries where wealthy families set up a trusted inner circle to centralise the management and preservation of their fortunes. Today, the family office brings renewed relevance as it broadens its role in response to a more diverse landscape of global volatility, private wealth management across multiple jurisdictions, and the emergence of new technologies. Yet, its primary interest remains the same — to support wealthy families’ with a wide range of advisory, professional and operational capabilities to simplify and protect their wealth.

What Is a Family Office?

Each family office is individually designed as a bespoke managerial hub that offers integrated solutions to serve ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families’ wealth, business and lifestyle needs. As a distinct legal entity, it is structurally defined by the requirements of each family it serves, and is well-positioned to offer day-to-day services or holistic offerings as part of your family’s wealth strategy.

Benefits Of Setting Up Your Own Family Office

  • A consolidated and holistic approach to all aspects of your wealth.
  • Strategies executed through a single point of contact.
  • Solutions are tailored to your specific needs within your given mandate, all while remaining aligned to your long-term vision
  • Deep research goes into each personalised recommendation, leveraging on both internal and external resources and expertise
  • Partnership with best-in-class service providers and financial institutions to offer the most relevant and beneficial solutions in wealth
  • Immediate access to in-depth expertise across wide-ranging services to meet your financial, business, and personal needs
  • Objective and effective advisory that leverages the full capabilities of in-house expertise and trusted service providers, while fully focused on your best interests

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