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22 Jul 2021
Thinking Of Starting Your Own Business? Here's What You Need To Know

“Contrary to popular belief, succession planning goes beyond just the transfer of financial wealth, and should more holistically include the family's social and intellectual capital.”


18 Jun 2021
Asian FOs' Investment Style and Cheque Size Align "Just Right" with Crypto-unicorns: VC Founder

His observation dovetailed with comments from Gary Tiernan, who heads the multi-family office Golden Equator Wealth as well as Golden Equator’s capital business arm. Among Tiernan’s network of clients, opinions diverge drastically: “Investors are either believers or they’re not. And we certainly can find people within our network that are on both sides of the spectrum.” But he cautioned, “the level of volatility in cryptocurrencies makes it difficult to be a major part of anybody’s portfolio”.


02 Jun 2021
Alignment of Interest is Key to a Successful Long-Term Client-Manager Relationship

A focus on multi-generational wealth and legacy preservation is the hallmark of investing through a family office. This is made possible through clear alignment of interests with clients, deeper and more comprehensive risk management and a focus on long-term growth and value.


14 May 2021
Focus on Handling Family Wealth

Family offices come in a range of shapes and sizes, but their central mission statement - to manage wealth - rarely varies.

14 May 2021
More Ultra-rich Individuals Interested in Setting Up Family Offices in Singapore

Singapore's growing status as a financial hub is luring increasing numbers of well-heeled families from across the world to set up offices here to manage their money.


13 Apr 2021
Archegos Debacle Highlights Risk for Next-gen Investors

Gary Tiernan, managing partner at Singapore multi-family office Golden Equator told AsianInvestor, “Unfortunately, there is a long history of investors losing money with firms like Madoff, Long-Term …