About Golden Equator Wealth

Family Office Services in Singapore

Our Vision

Achieving wealth and legacy aspirations through international stewardship.

Our Mission

We listen and understand the needs of wealthy families and individuals. Through our expert team of professionals, we are committed to delivering objective investment and succession planning counsel with trust and integrity.

Our Purpose 

We believe in partnering our clients to build, preserve and enjoy their wealth, for generations. 

Following the global financial crisis in 2008, we found that clients’ expectations towards wealth management were changing. This was the genesis behind Golden Equator Wealth, a multi-family office based in Singapore rooted in a clear purpose to be on the client’s side.

Today, as a leader in private wealth management and succession planning, our multi-family office is enabled by a synergistic ecosystem of complementary businesses, established industry partners and trusted global advisors. This unique position allows us to leverage specialist partnerships and services to offer independent investment, legacy planning, and business advice to clients. At the heart of our approach is a promise to build enduring relationships founded on integrity, trust and continuity, and are committed to delivering deep-rooted value to each client’s family beyond wealth, for generations. 

What We Offer

We bring specialist advice guided by profound experience, grounded in complete alignment and objectivity to serve the long-term interests of our clients above all else. Our commitment is our partnership; we develop long-lasting relationships built with the highest degree of discretion, and independence to deliver value and continuity.

A Personalised Approach

As a trusted independent family office advisor based in Singapore, our solutions are firmly rooted in a deep and practical understanding of each family and the wider circumstances that will shape their wealth strategy and succession planning. Each solution is customised to bring our clients closer to their personal wants and needs, while optimising resources and effectiveness.

Family Advisory

Successful families vary in size, dynamics, and motivations. As they grow in wealth, intergenerational and intragenerational challenges often multiply as needs and expectations become more diverse. We work with families to overcome such challenges by articulating what matters the most. Our strategies are closely driven by common goals and values that unite the family, promote harmony, and achieve continuity by imparting intellectual capital to empower family stewardship. 

We help our clients craft strategies with clarity and focus across:

  • Succession planning
  • Family governance
  • Estate planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Grooming and development of next-generation family members
  • Developing a family constitution
  • Family mediation

Investment Management

Our clients can rely on a dedicated team of investment professionals who combine deep experience in markets and a global network of third-party institutions to formulate an independent investment outlook.  Our discretionary service model offers time-strapped clients the benefit of capturing timely opportunities defined within a clear and agreed investment mandate. With both discretionary and advisory investment service models, the client typically retains full ownership of their assets placed with their chosen financial institutions. This approach provides comfort on asset security whilst providing flexibility in the level of engagement for day-to-day portfolio management and operations under our expertise. We are committed to acting in the best interests of our clients and can support them globally across the asset class spectrum including public and private investments in equities, fixed income, credit, alternative strategies and liquidity management.


The process begins with a deep understanding of the current financial situation, short- and long-term needs, lifestyle preferences, return objectives including liquidity requirements, risk tolerance, constraints or exclusions, and long-term goals. 

Aligning Investment Strategy

With a holistic understanding of our client’s goals, our team of independent and expert professionals will focus on establishing a client mandate and investment portfolio that addresses these needs. Our fees are transparent and aligned with client interests, and we strive to bring value through our partnership. 

Execution of Investment Strategy

We will execute the investment strategy within the agreed mandate. Ongoing risk management is essential, and our team will monitor portfolios daily. Under the discretionary model, clients can enjoy peace of mind and leave the daily administration in our hands while we ensure client interests are honoured. 

Review and Rebalancing of Portfolio

Recognising that circumstances and goals change, and in order to minimise risk and maximise returns, we perform periodic reviews to assess the need to rebalance client portfolios and adjust strategic and tactical investment allocations where necessary. We also provide consolidated reports of clients’ complete portfolios, market updates, and access to exclusive investment deals. 

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