Golden Equator Appoints Renowned Philanthropy Advocate Christopher Wilson as Philanthropy Ambassador Golden Equator Appoints Renowned Philanthropy Advocate Christopher Wilson as Philanthropy Ambassador

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Golden Equator Appoints Renowned Philanthropy Advocate Christopher Wilson as Philanthropy Ambassador

23 May 2019

Golden Equator today announces the appointment of Christopher Wilson as Philanthropy Ambassador for its multi-family office Golden Equator Wealth and Portfolio Mentor for the Group.

He will take an advisory role and consult with Golden Equator Wealth’s clients to help them understand the benefits of philanthropy for the family and how to incorporate philanthropy in their family office.

The announcement was made in early May at Golden Equator’s inaugural Beyond Wealth series of events which also saw the launch of Golden Equator’s NextGen Programme and Family Office publication.

Christopher gave an address on “Philanthropy and the Family” which explores the question of “Why Philanthropy within the Family?” to Golden Equator’s Family Office Private Circle including Ultra-HighNet-Worth clients and industry partners. Christopher Wilson, Philanthropy Ambassador and Portfolio Mentor for Golden Equator, said, “I have often witnessed wealthy families and individuals waiting for a certain milestone before starting to look into Philanthropy, but what I want to encourage is to start the discussion now because of the benefits it brings to the families. Philanthropy focuses the family on doing good and connecting, but also bonds the family and creates positivity, because they start to look at life from a different perspective.” Christopher Wilson giving an address on Philanthropy and The Family Christopher Wilson is a social entrepreneur, philanthropy advocate, and finance professional with more than 30 years of experience in banking, consulting, asset management, and technology.

He has also been named one of Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy and has been honoured with The Peak Magazine Game Changers Philanthropy Award and Tatler’s Annual Philanthropy Award. Shirley Crystal Chua, Founder and Group CEO of Golden Equator Group, said, “The perception of philanthropy is currently still limited in Asia, and is not well understood by Asia’s ultra-high-net-worth. But as a whole, we are starting to see families, especially the NextGens of the families, taking interest in philanthropy, which is very encouraging.

Philanthropy is an integral part of our family office ecosystem, likewise NextGen cultivation initiatives, which include our NextGen Programme and NextGen Foundation that we launched at our Beyond Wealth event. We are thrilled to have Christopher onboard as he will truly add value to philanthropy for our family office ecosystem.” On 6 May 2019, Golden Equator Wealth launched its Family Office publication titled “Family Office 2.0: Beyond Wealth Management” and its NextGen Initiatives, which includes the NextGen Foundation.

The NextGen foundation will involve NextGens pursuing a philanthropic purpose or cause together, and the details will be shared in the next few months. Golden Equator has a community of more than 10 portfolio mentors who are industry veterans with more than 30 years of experience across sectors including digital, technology, media & entertainment, property development, investments, and consultancy.

These portfolio mentors take advisory roles for the Group and lend their expertise and networks to help create opportunities, where required.

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