Tax Incentives For Establishing Your Single Family Office in Singapore

Singapore has established itself as a leading private banking and wealth management hub globally. Anchored in political stability and transparent public institutions, Singapore continues to gain recognition as a trusted partner for businesses. Sound monetary and fiscal policies, coupled with a robust judicial system and low corruption rates underpin Singapore’s low-risk economy, creating an attractive environment for Ultra High Net Worth individuals and families to consolidate their wealth in Singapore through formal structures, such as family offices.

There are 2 relevant tax incentive schemes for funds under the Singapore Income Tax Act 1947 (“SITA”): Section 13O (Onshore Fund Tax Exemption Scheme) and Section 13U (Enhanced Tier Fund Tax Exemption Scheme). For more information on the Tax Exemption Schemes, you may download the sheet below.

Setting up a single family office can be an extensive process with complex considerations. It can be challenging, especially without independent advisory, to embark on this journey. At Golden Equator Wealth, we can offer alternative solutions for families with leaner assets including setting up a personalised family office within our multi-family office platform or setting up of your own family fund (private label fund) to gain access to both private and public market investments. Should you be interested in relocating or attaining permanent residency status in Singapore via the Global Investor Programme (GIP), we will also be happy to work with you in navigating the complex procedures and conditions required for the GIP. ​

If you would like to establish your family office with us, or speak to a Family Office Advisor, please reach us at +65 6887 8124 or [email protected]. ​

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